What We Do: Community Building

New England Aces is dedicated to building community among asexual spectrum individuals, our partners and families, and allies in the New England area. We are building a network by fostering social connection, providing resources and support, and increasing awareness of asexual spectrum identities.

For many people, having a sense of community is critical to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Forming friendships and social networks with others who share our identities and have similar experiences can help alleviate the sense of isolation, wrongness, or shame that we sometimes feel as asexual spectrum individuals. Being in community enables us to support each other in navigating our identities and the world at large, and promotes the sharing of resources, skills, and experiences. When we feel connected, supported, and celebrated, we feel comfortable sharing ourselves with others outside our community to create greater awareness of our identities and lived experiences.

New England Aces organizes meetup events to bring asexual spectrum folks together in diverse social settings. Some examples of our regular gatherings are:

Beyond Boston:

While many members of New England Aces live in and around Boston, many also hail from other parts of New England. NEA is committed to being a resource for everyone in New England, regardless of geographic location. We encourage all of our members to build local networks within the larger New England community by posting meetups for their own cities or regions on our site.

If you are located in the New England Area and are looking to meet other asexual spectrum folks in your area, join the NEA meetup community and post events near you. NEA promotes its events widely across Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and will work to get your event the attention it deserves.

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