New England Aces are a small community of asexual spectrum individuals and allies who have been working over the last four years to create and expand a supportive and affirming environment for all who identify on the asexual spectrum. We strive to promote awareness of asexual spectrum identities in our wider communities through critical discussions of sexuality and intersectionality. We also work to ensure that the multifaceted needs of asexual spectrum individuals are understood and met by collaborating with community partners who serve sexual and gender minorities.

New England Aces are an entirely volunteer organization, and we rely on the generosity of financial supporters, as well as the time and effort of community members, to continue our efforts. All donations we receive go to securing venues for our awareness-raising events, providing informational resources and pamphlets, fees for our group, website hosting, and many other costs.

If you'd like to show your support of New England Aces with a donation, you are able to do so directly by clicking the paypal button below:

Other Ways to Help

Support comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some options for helping New England Aces continue to live up to our mission of providing support of asexual spectrum folks, raising awareness of asexuality, and collaborating with community partners.

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